Can’t Decide is also available for custom projects. We are both able to do small runs as well as bigger quantities. Please get in touch at!

Here is a list of people we worked together with:

Nachtdigital Festival
Large run of embroidered towels for artists and volunteers for Nachtdigital FLEX in 2018

Embroidered T-Shirts, Sweaters and Fanny Bags for Nachtdigital MINT in 2019

Small logo embroidered t-shirts for these purveyors of serious entertainment

T-Shirt collaboration between Munich’s „Blitz Club“ and „can’t decide“

Institut fuer Zukunft
Large run of embroidered Sweaters for all the lovers of Leipzigs largest techno club

f/stop Festival
Embroidered sweaters for Leipzig’s leading photography festival

It isn’t happening Festival
Embroidered t-shirts for this amazing music festival in Nurnberg

777 Recordings
Custom label merch for the Berlin based 777 Recordings

Large embroidery on hoodies as well as t-shirts for this Hamburg based electronica label